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Enrichment opportunities are designed to complement classroom instruction. Enrichment teachers partner with classroom teachers to provide high-quality learning with hands-on and real-life experiences necessary for students to contextualize what they’re learning, and to broaden students’ experiences.


Teachers also strategically plan field trips to complement classroom learning, and to engage students in the city and community.

Academic Enrichment

  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) Lab
  • Full-time Technology Teacher
  • Full-time Teacher Librarian
  • English Literacy Interventionist
  • Spanish Literacy Interventionist
  • Reading Partners tutoring in school
  • Computer lab and classroom computer carts
  • Education Outside (Outdoor Science Classroom). Learn more.

Arts Enrichment

  • Full-time Visual Arts Teacher 
  • Weekly instrumental music class (grades 3-5)

Cultural Enrichment

We have a strong tradition of school-wide events that celebrate the many talents of our Sanchez Coyotes, including our annual winter program and May Dance Festival -- a nearly 20-year tradition at Sanchez held on the Friday before Carnaval San Francisco in the nearby Mission District.