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Spanish Biliteracy Pathway

Our Spanish Biliteracy Pathway program is a cornerstone of our approach to student-centered instruction.

In the program, students whose primary language is Spanish are encouraged to continue to develop their literacy skills in Spanish from kindergarten through 5th grade.

Rather than being seen as a deficit, diverse language knowledge is seen as a strength, and as such is highly valued and developed throughout a student’s time here at Sanchez. We design our instruction to use Spanish skills as a bridge to developing English skills.

Our goal is that students in our biliteracy pathway achieve and demonstrate proficiency in Spanish and English by the time they complete 5th grade. Teachers in our general education pathway similarly work with students to identify their unique cultural and linguistic strengths.

We celebrate, maintain and leverage those strengths to support engagement and ultimately achievement. As a community, we feel successful when students arrive to school curious about the community and world around them, ask questions, and work cooperatively to seek answers with the support of peers, families and teachers.

Mr. Bravo is a second grade Spanish biliteracy teacher
“I have seen that great reading and writing skills in Spanish translates to great reading and writing skills in English. The program at Sanchez fosters this very well.”

-- Mr. Bravo, second grade Spanish biliteracy teacher