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Student Support

girl and bookSanchez Elementary offers many strategic interventions to support students and families who require additional support. Through strong relationships with families, students and teachers -- and our data-driven approach to decision making -- we collaborate to identify students who need additional support, and to plan appropriate supports and interventions.

We strive to ensure that classroom teachers have the skills required to teach diverse groups of students with various needs. We utilize site-based coaching staff, teacher collaboration structures, and strong parent partnerships to support this work. Additional targeted support for students is available for needs related to wellness, social-emotional needs and academic needs.

Academic Support Available:

  • Literacy Coach
  • Instructional Reform Facilitator
  • Academic Response to Intervention Facilitator (Spanish/English reading intervention)
  • Pre-Referral/Inclusion Specialist
  • Reading Partners tutoring program

Student and Family Wellness

We have funded a Pre-Referral / Inclusion Specialist to serve as a support for teachers as they learn to make modifications and accommodations for students with varying needs in their classroom. It is our belief that all students are capable of growing and achieving, given the conditions they require for learning, and this learning specialist will ensure that teachers have rich tool-kits to meet the needs of all students.

We also offer these resources and programs: 

  • School Nurse
  • School Social Worker
  • Mentor for Success Program
  • Attendance Liaison
  • Family Liaison
  • Wellness Center
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) to monitor and support student needs